1. 8 Jan

    Leon | London | Winter

    Today was one of those days that brought me great joy.  As soon as I woke up and felt the sunlight penetrate my bedroom I was conscious of my heart rate increasing. In the transient state between sleep and waking life a visceral prediction of the day’s activities drew out in my mind. Visualising ambiguous blade manoeuvres, crossing off spots I have thought about doing for years and the opportunity to meet with my beloved friends all seemed to contribute to this veiled excitement.  In our own way we can all relate to this feeling.  The knowledge that we will go out today in search of something, in search of something to unlock this energy.  This energy can be unlocked and the prize is freedom, joy and the gift of expression to others.

    Maybe its all of that, or none of it.  These are thoughts that I have.  These are the feelings that I experience and I found a way to express them today. | Leon Humphries

    Photos | Jake Eley

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