1. 4 Feb

    The Final Chapter – A Film by Paul Bates

    Friday night marked the end of a very long chapter for Essex Rollerblading with the hosted premier of Paul Bates latest production. A video that’s filming has spanned close to 3 years and documented the bonds and adventures of a close knit group of friends. It was a joy to finally see the book closed on this project having seen all of the guys work hard to complete their sections over the last few months, persevering through standard UK weather and a plethora of injuries.

     The Premier was held at Southend College in what is known as ‘the pod’… a bright red bulbous womb containing a very well equipped auditorium. It was a fitting birth for this Southend conceived chronicle. A strong turnout of rollerbladers attending from near and far including many faces who have not donned rollerblades in many years. It was great to see so many faces old and new come together.

    Following the Premier the celebrations moved over to the Pink Toothbrush to drink the night away… a venue quite raw in its own quality… the kind of venue if you stood still for too long you would end up chemically bonded to the carpet. However it is always great to see a place taken over by an eclectic mix of personalities brought together by the shared love of rollerblading. The night was danced away in a haze of whiskey surrounded by every screen in the venue playing the final chapter on repeat. A fitting send-off…

    So like many recent online rollerblade releases lately ‘The Final Chapter’ suffered from a case digital gremlins however here we go… 

    A few words from Paul… “Just a huge thank you to everyone for coming to the premiere and to all the guys who skated in the film, It’s a wonderful thing having such an incredible group of friends and such a great local skate scene”

    So without further ado… Featuring Profiles from… Joey Yeomans, Adam Galwas, Sam Cooper and Seamus Rafferty… also featuring Paul Bates, Richard ‘Reg’ Pickering, Zak Buys, James Pearce, Louis Packam, Jack Caryl, James Little and Daniel Ives.

     words by ‘Baron’

    Watch the whole film for FREE right HERE-  

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